Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tigerfish is another type of aggressive fish which is found in southern Africa. Tigerfish is the common name for variety of species in this category. Due to its hunting style and entire different characters from other type fishes makes this fish to commonly name as tigerfish. Tigerfish fish will move like a torpedo and fight like a jet. That’s why this fish known by name ‘tigerfish’. Its external body anatomy enables this fish to move in a high velocity. One another interesting fact is about its teeth. Tigerfish’s teeth are like a sooth wave. Cut anything! That means its teeth are interlocking when they eat their prey. In simple terms, it’s like a lock and key fashion. Goliath tigerfish and southern African tigerfish are the most world renowned tigerfishes. The aggressive hunting tactic makes tigerfish a distinct one. The razor like teeth makes them more dangerous and even attack large animals. One of the nick name for tigerfish is the ‘piranha of south America’ more commonly ‘South American piranha’. The piranha like hunting tactics and teeth makes tigerfish so called ‘South American piranha’. They attack large animals immediately when they receive signals in the sound detector

The sound detector is a gas filled body which enables them to identify any creature near them. Tigerfishes are very large and they can gain a weight up to 5 kg. The goiath tigerfish is weighing around 50 kg and length of 2m. It is the river monster. Tigerfish can be seen in different types of color. More commonly the tigerfish has been seeing in grayish silver color. An African tigerfish may fits in your aquarium but goliath tigerfish is not. Eventhough it is not a good idea to keep this fish in aquarium. Tigerfish is a top level carnivorous fish. Attacking prey with a group (like piranha) is the hunting style of african tigerfish. But goliath tigerfish can attack alone. It is not easy to catch tigerfish. The high speed of tiger fish always gives them advantage over its prey. When they caught in a hook it’s not easy to remove them. Tigerfish will fights for its life until die.

Locals say it's the only fish that doesn't fear the crocodile and that it actually eats smaller ones. It's also been known to attack humans in rare instances. It's so lightning quick and forceful that not only will it snap an angler's line, but it will sometimes make off with his or her tackle. No wonder one fishing safari promoter requires clients read a cautionary treatise on the Goliath before agreeing to a fishing trip.



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